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Menuju Puncak Premium Satin Batik Painting 1.0M x 1.0M

MYR 8,000.00


Title : MENUJU PUNCAK (Journey to the Summit)

Size : 1m x 1m

Fabric : Premium Satin Silk

Method : Canting

Description : 


Any obstacles on my way the summit has never weakened my morals nor weakened my confidence to succeed. It shapes me to be more resilient and persistent. All humans are destined to succeed if they have the will to pay the price of success. Difficulty is can dig up the qualities of hardwork, confidence, and perseverance. Confidence makes everything possible. I believe, a winner never gives up and a person who gives up will never win. A kite soars against the wind, not with it. There are no excuses and no obstacles to my journey to the summit.

Included Wooden Frame