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Gerak Sukma Premium Satin Batik Painting 1.96M x 1.20M

MYR 9,500.00

Title : GERAK SUKMA (Soul Movement)


Size : 1.96m x 1.20m

Fabric : Premium Satin Silk

Method : Canting


Description : 

Looking at nature’s beauty, one feels lucky and fortunate to live in peace and serenity. The fishes embody the character and beauty of nature in water. Indeed, this is the desire to live a calm, peaceful and happy life. I have been looking for the meaning of life. I am so grateful for the gift of nature and its contents, that is my soul. Life is meant to be enjoyed. I really appreciate this life no matter how short life is given to me; sometimes, that is what makes me happy.

Included Wooden Frame