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Batik Through and Through

As our tagline states, we are passionate about the art of batik making. It is a cultural representation of Malaysia's kaleidoscopic society that are very much valued. Our batik-making process requires intricacy, creativity, passion and determination as everything is hand-drawn from scratch. We are proud of our art and wishes to protect this cultural heritage.

The star of the show is our Managing Partner and Master Craftman, BUJIN, or Amir Harith bin Mat Kashim who was the previous winner of the Piala Seri Endon (PSE) in Fashion Category in 2012. His talent was appraised early when he was the first batik maker to be awarded the Golden Hand Award by the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2009.

Bujin’s love for batik making art is deeply ingrained. We eventually opened a batik gallery in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, which carries exclusive batik collection. At the same time, we started Bujins Academy to teach rural folks especially the young, the art of batik. As a result, our academy students managed to reach the final stages of Piala Seri Endon and even winning it in 2016.


Bujins Academy is the platform for us to give back to our society by partnering up with universities, community colleges, local organisation and even individuals to teach batik making skills. Through this initiative, this cultural art is preserved. Not only that, we are able to help individuals make a living through their skills. Students of Bujins Academy have also won several Piala Seri Endon competitions, a prestigious award that celebrates the art of batik.


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